App lets parents track their child's school bus

Starting Monday, parents in Fulton County have a way to track their child's school bus when a new free app goes live.

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Fulton County Schools started testing the Here Comes The Bus app at the start of the school year.

It uses GPS tracking already on the buses.

Once parents download it, they put in Fulton's district code and their child's ID. The app always knows where their child's bus is and lets parents track it in real time.

The app also sends out alerts if the bus is running late.

“You’ll already know in advance and not be standing out in weather or cold or whatever, waiting on a bus that’s later than its normal time,” Sam Ham, executive director of transportation for Fulton County Schools said.

The bus tracking app also has a feature that lets parents customize it. The app will ping the parent's phone when the bus is within a certain distance.

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