Apple to offer 911 location feature in iOS12 update

Credit: Carl Court

Credit: Carl Court

An operating system update is bringing a new feature to iPhones. iOS12 will allow 911 to pinpoint callers’ locations starting later this year.

Apple made the announcement Monday.

The company is using RapidSOS to share HELO location data with 911 centers. It promises that the information will not be used for non-emergency purposes and that the 911 centers will only have the information during the call.

The upgrade will help when callers don't know exactly where they are or can't verbally tell 911 operators the location, CNN reported.

Currently, 911 centers use cell tower information from carriers. That gives emergency responders a large area to investigate, CNN reported.

RapidSOS recently partnered with Uber, which added a 911 call button inside its app.

When the app goes online, it will be set on by default, but there will be an opt-out in settings, CNN reported.

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