Apple to pay up to $1M for full hack of iPhone, other devices

A $1 million bounty could be yours – if you have some serious hacking skills.

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According to CBS News, tech giant Apple announced last week that it will pay $1 million to hackers who can take "full control of an Apple device remotely, without the owner of the device ever interacting with it." That's five times more than the company's previous maximum reward of $200,000, Forbes reported.

News of the reward hike, which takes effect this fall, came Thursday as Apple's security chief, Ivan Krstić, spoke to security experts at the annual Black Hat USA gathering in Las Vegas.

If you're not feeling up to the $1 million task, the company also will pay smaller bounties for different types of hacks, as well as a 50% bonus if you discover security flaws before a product's release, Forbes reportedSee the list of rewards here.

Although invitations had been required for the reward program, now anyone can participate, CBS News reported.

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