Atlanta airport security lines more than an hour long amid federal shutdown

Security lines at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport stretched more than an hour long Monday morning, causing travelers to miss flights amid the partial federal shutdown.

At a time when the world's busiest airport has its biggest crowds, there were at least six security lanes closed at domestic terminal security checkpoints, while passengers waited in lines that stretched through the terminal and were winding through baggage claim.

Wait times could reach as long as an hour and a half.

The long lines signaled staffing shortages at security checkpoints, as TSA officers have been working without pay since the federal shutdown began Dec. 22.

Airport officials normally advise travelers to get to the airport two hours before domestic flights, but on Monday morning Hartsfield-Jackson spokesman Andrew Gobeil advised that travelers should consult with their airlines. Travelers may need to get to the airport even earlier due to the long waits.

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