'Avengers' director suggests Chris Evans' days as Captain America aren't over

Credit: Paras Griffin

Credit: Paras Griffin

It's been less than two months since Chris Evans tweeted what many fans took as his farewell to Captain America, the Marvel superhero he's played for eight years.

But was it really a goodbye?

Joe Russo, half of the Russo Brothers team who wrote and directed "Avengers: Infinity War" and directed Evans in two "Captain America" movies, told The Associated Press: "I think it was more emotional for him than us. Only because he's not done yet. And I don't want (to) explain what that means but the audience will soon understand what I'm talking about."

Steve Rogers survived Thanos' destruction in "Infinity War," but numerous fan theories have the first Avenger dying in the sequel.

"We killed half the Marvel universe, so for us it really is about, in what ways can we surprise the audience and tell a very challenging story," Russo told the AP.

Russo's comments have fans wondering if Evans will continue to play Cap in other movies or if the character will survive but will be played by someone else.

After Evans' October tweet, he tried to clarify he was referring to his time playing Steve Rogers, not the fate of the character.

Evans joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2005, playing Johnny Storm in "Fantastic Four." It's been his portrayal of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, that has left its mark on fans' hearts, however.

The actor suggested last year that his time wielding the vibranium shield would be ending after the latest “Avengers” movie, which is slated to open next year.

"My contract is up," he said during a visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

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