Avozillas, giant 4-pound fruits, are an avocado toast lover's dream come true

Love avocado toast? You might want to head down under.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and 9News, a giant avocado variety dubbed "avozilla" has hit specialty stores in Australia after Queensland's Groves family started growing the fruit, which originally was discovered in South Africa. The massive, tasty treats can weigh up to 4 pounds – five times larger than a regular avocado – and cost about $9 (AU$12) each.

"Everybody is pretty amazed to see these giant avocados, and they are quite a statement," said grower David Groves, who lauded the avozilla's buttery flavor.

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One seller claimed that he made nine slices of avocado toast using half of a fruit, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Unfortunately, avozillas are still rare because the trees "cannot yield as much fruit as other species," 9News reported. So far, only the Groves family has grown avozillas commercially in Australia.

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