Bat caught in gigantic spiderweb outside Texas home in surreal scene

A Texas woman got a shocking surprise outside of her home in metro San Antonio Wednesday.
A bat was ensnared, hanging upside down in a nightmarishly huge spiderweb attached to a roof eave on her house as an enormous yellow spider tried to make a meal of it.

Annette Alaniz Guajardo snapped a few photos of the surreal scene, according to KSAT-TV, and one of her social media friends commented on how unusual it is to see a bat caught by a giant spider in a metro area.

"So, these are the kinds of things you see happen in Brazil, Thailand or some kind of foreign jungle place like that, but this was outside Annette Alaniz Guajardo's house in POTEET, TEXAS," the Facebook post said, KSAT reported.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials tentatively identified the spider as a yellow garden spider which can grow up to an inch long. The National Wildlife Federation said bats are generally not on the menu for the spiders.