St. Bernard survives 17 days outside in frigid Minnesota cold

St. Bernards are known as a hearty breed originally used as work dogs in the Swiss-Italian Alps and that breeding became apparent this week when an escaped St. Bernand was found alive, albeit not quite so hearty, after 17 days lost outside in the frigid Minnesota cold.

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Old Lady, as she’s called, was found Monday in Zimmerman after escaping from her foster family on Jan. 4.

The 10-year-old dog was discovered in the woods cold and shivering and in "rough shape," according to the animal rescue group Ruff Start Rescue.

“We have had search parties, signs, phone calls, and so many people out looking for this poor girl,” rescue officials said in a Facebook post.

“It's a miracle! She's safe and back in the care of RSR.”

Old Lady is already feeling much better, RSR officials said, and is now heading to her “foster to adopt” home.

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