Best Buy employees turn into ‘Dino Doctors,’ help child with broken toy

Two Best Buy employees went above and beyond to help a little boy from Florida.

Jordan's best friend is his dinosaur toy. His mom, Niah Negron, said that her 3-year-old son takes the dinosaur, which he got for Christmas, everywhere. He either is holding it in his hand or it is stuffed in his shirt, ABC News reported.

But the dino lost his head last month and Jordan was heartbroken.

Negron was able to get the identical toy online at Best Buy and picked it up the same day. But like most kids, Negron said Jordan wouldn’t accept a replacement, he would only accept his “baby.”

So when the mother and son went to the store, she told the employees what had happened.

“We are here for a very delicate matter,” Negron said she told the workers.  “You see, we need a dinosaur doctor as the head has broken off of our baby dinosaur.”

Luckily the workers played along.

Tina and Stephanie rushed the baby dino to "surgery," but in reality, were swapping out the broken toy with a new one, ABC News reported.

As they got the new toy out of the package, they told Jordan, “Just a few more stitches.”

“They pulled off this elaborate hoax with bright smiles and quick action,” Negron wrote on Facebook.

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Tina said she didn't know how big of a deal it was when the "surgery" happened. "But when he saw the dinosaur his whole demeanor changed -- his face lit up so much. We made that little boy's day."

If the dino gets broken again, the "dinosaur doctors" have a plan. Stephanie pulled and bought the only other matching dinosaur so they have an emergency backup.

News of the impromptu dinosaur doctors got back to the Best Buy home office, and they were officially promoted to "Dinosaur Doctor" and it's now documented on their badges, ABC News reported.

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