Bird found on Singapore Airlines plane 12 hours into 14-hour flight

Credit: Allison Joyce

Credit: Allison Joyce

A bird got a free ride on a Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London, and was only caught when the plane was just two hours from landing.

BBC News reported a mynah bird, native to southern Asia, perched on a business class seat on a flight.

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video posted to Facebook shows the bird relaxing on a headrest until a flight attendant unsuccessfully tries to catch it.

The incident happened Jan. 7 but was only confirmed by an airline spokesman Monday.

"It was subsequently caught by cabin crew with the assistance of some of the passengers on board," a spokesman told The Straits Times.

The Telegraph reported the airline said the bird was taken to quarantine at Heathrow Airport in London. Officials would not say how the bird could have gotten on the plane.

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