Black bear photobombs wedding photos after Gatlinburg ceremony

This was the ultimate wedding crasher.

A couple posing for wedding photos after tying the knot Sunday in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, had an unexpected guest photobomb their pictures -- and it was not a ring bearer.

It was a curious black bear.


Cory and Sarina Brewer were having their photos snapped when the bear wandered into the picture, WATE reported.

The photographer, Leah McMahan, noticed the bear was starting to walk down the aisle and captured the moment, WKRN reported.

When the bear began making a "huffing sound" and began to walk toward the newlyweds, they decided leaving was the best option, WATE reported.

"Being scared didn't cross my mind," McMahan told WKRN. "I just wanted the shot.

“It was probably the most adventurous photo session I have done. Even more than the one time I shot a family and their pet opossum.”

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