Boy nearly empties savings account to help homeless

A little boy from Illinois was inspired by videos on YouTube showing people donating money to homeless shelters.

Being only 9 years old wasn't going to stop Nathan Simons from doing his part, WQAD reported.

He told his dad he wanted to empty his savings account and give to those who needed it most.

At first, Ethan Simmons was hesitant, but then he decided to let his son live his dream.

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They went to the bank and took most of Nathan's money out of the account, leaving some just to keep the account open, WQAD reported.

Simmons matched his son’s nearly $150 and the headed to the local Walmart to buy items needed at the shelter Christian Care -- shoes, gloves, barbecue sauce and hot sauce.

Nathan also bought a few things not on the list -- soda and cookie cakes.

Officials at Christian Care said of Nathan, "At nine years old, to be feeling that kind of compassion for the work we do and for what's going on in his community is pretty amazing," WQAD reported.

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