Brexit delayed until end of January 2020

The plans that have the United Kingdom breaking away from the European Union are now on hold.

EU leaders have allowed a delay for Brexit until the end of January, CNN reported.

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Brexit was set to take effect three days before the agreement to delay was issued, The Associated Press reported.

No details of the EU's vote were released, the AP reported.

The extra three months will give Prime Minister Boris Johnson time to get the two-thirds of MPs to agree with the plan and to bring Johnson's opposition Labour Party behind the measure.

Johnson had the support of the Liberal Democrats, but until today the Scottish National Party has blocked the move, with CNN reporting the party is calling for a general election to have their voices heard.

The election is being requested to try to break the UK's deadlock on Brexit, the AP reported.

Britain first voted to leave the European Union in 2016, the AP reported.

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