Bright pink house with 2 giant yellow emojis angers neighbors

A bright pink house featuring two giant, yellow emojis is getting a big thumbs down from neighbors in Manhattan Beach, California.

Residents are furious and frustrated with the homeowner and claim the paint job is in retaliation for a dispute over using the property as a short-term rental.

One of the huge emojis has rolling eyes with giant eyelashes and its tongue sticking out. The other has the same eyes but its mouth is zipped shut.

Neighbors point to the mocking nature of the emojis as proof of their claim that owner Kathryn Kidd intentionally painted the house after she was fined $4,000 for using it as an Airbnb in May, in violation of Manhattan Beach's rental laws, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Kidd, who doesn't live in the home, denied the accusation and told KABC-TV she didn't know that short-term rentals weren't allowed, The Associated Press reported.

A neighbor, Susan Wieland, told Easy Reader News, which first reported on the colorful house, that she was wearing eyelash extensions when she first met Kidd.

So far, the city council and planning commission have not taken any action against Kidd, which is infuriating neighbors, who say the house has turned their quiet street into a spectacle, the Times reported.

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