City Council candidate drives new car to drop off 86-year-old mother to panhandle, video shows

A City Council candidate left his 86-year-old mother who uses a wheelchair on a street corner to beg for money, video shows.

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Dave Chey, a candidate running for Irvine City Council, was caught on camera dropping off his mother, Soon Chey, in a popular tourist area of Laguna Beach, KCAL reported.

"City Council you need to be compassionate, understanding, follow the laws, all those types of things," Laguna Beach business owner Heidi Miller told KCAL. "And you look at this scenario going on for 10, 12 years. Is he doing that? I don't think so."

Laguna Beach police said nothing the Cheys are doing is illegal, KCAL reported. Soon Chey, who typically holds a sign that reads "please, help me," is well taken care of and told police she enjoys panhandling, KNBC reported.

Miller, who watches Chey get dropped off in a brand-new Toyota, created a poster telling tourists not to give her money.

"She's not homeless," Miller told KNBC. "Does she really need the money? That's the question."

David Chey did not comment to KCAL or KNBC.

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