Clerk defends himself from alleged armed robbers with machete, police say

Credit: Marcelo Braga/Flickr

Credit: Marcelo Braga/Flickr

Armed robbers may expect sometimes to be greeted by an armed clerk when they hold up a business, but a pair of alleged robbers were probably not expecting this.

Police said Laney Nicholson and Seth Holcomb tried to rob a convenience store in Huntsville, Alabama, WAAY reported.

They walked in armed with a large knife possibly a machete and demanded money, police said, WAAY reported.

But the clerk had a weapon of his own -- a machete. The clerk also triggered the store's automatic lock on the door, WHNT reported.

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The three fought, damaging the store and cutting each other, WAAY reported.

Holcomb then threw something at the store's locked door to escape, but Nicholson remained behind and continued the fight with the clerk, WHNT reported.

While the two fought, Holcomb came back into the store to get the cash register drawer, police said.

Eventually Nicholson and Holcomb got away with some cash, but police later caught up with them, WHNT reported.

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