Complaints rise as Confederate flag stickers given out at state fair

Confederate stickers are being handed out at the North Carolina State Fair, a practice that's been happening for more than 25 years.

Complaints about the stickers, given out by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, are rising this year.

Some are calling for the stickers, and the Confederate message, to be barred from the state-sanctioned event.

"It represents hatred,” said Catina Jones, a Durham resident. “I know they say it's heritage, but to me, it's hatred.”

More recently, the flag has been used as a symbol by pro-segregationists and white supremacists, but Sons of Confederate Veterans members manning the booth at the fair said it's simply about history.

“We don't believe in their using one of our symbols for racism, as promoting racism, because we do not,” said Lamar Pender, with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said that before 2015, they never heard any complaints about the stickers.

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