Cool dogs: Air conditioned public dog houses for dogs on the go come to Seattle

A start-up specializing in fancy, rentable dog houses is including Seattle in its nationwide expansion.

It's called DogSpot, and they're a rentable public dog house that comes complete with air conditioning, or heat in the winter.

Dog owners can rent a DogSpot via an app that also unlocks the house and allows the pet parent to monitor their dog via webcam.

The house comes at a price: 30 cents a minute, with the average stay at about 15 minutes, "Good Morning America" reported.

The company started with prototypes sprinkled around Brooklyn. Shortly after installation, DogSpot had 1,000 dog owners signed up as members.

It has now expanded from the Brooklyn area to 60 houses across 14 states, with many locations at rest stops along highways in New York and Connecticut, GeekWire reported.

DogSpot removed their New York City dog houses last year following conflicts with the city. However, new legislation that would allow the dog houses to return is expected to pass in the next few months, Rebecca Eyre, director of communications at DogSpot told GeekWire.

Seattle seems to be a natural location for DogSpot, since it was recently named the most dog friendly city in the U.S. by dog-walking app Rover and real estate company Redfin.

It isn’t just cities that are installing them. A business in Michigan are buying DogSpot units for outside their restaurants.

Many dog owners may wonder how do the public dog houses stay clean?

After every use, UV lights kill bacteria and viruses, according to the company's founders. They are built with non-porous materials and are veterinarian approved.

The houses are also manually cleaned each day, "Good Morning America" reported.

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