Daughter accidentally donates family heirloom to Goodwill

Credit: Cindy Ord

Credit: Cindy Ord

In the days after her mother’s death, Tammie Figlinski came across it: A ring her mother wore daily. It might look like costume jewelry, but to Figlinski, it was priceless.

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"It's so sentimental," Figlinski told WTMJ. "It was passed down from my grandma to my mom. My mom wore this all the time. It's the only ring we remember her wearing."

So Figlinski was crestfallen when she realized it was missing after she packed boxes of her mother’s items to donate to Goodwill. She believes the ring fell off of her hand and into one of the boxes.

Figlinski believes it could be at a Goodwill location in the southeast Wisconsin area or Chicago.

"That's why I was like I need help," Figlinski told WTMJ. "I've been praying every day. I hope this gives me a good ending to this story."

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