Dog injured by fox traps placed around park

A dog’s leg was injured Thursday by a fox trap, one of many placed within a city park.

Some of the traps held live bait including ducks, WDIV reported.

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"I started hearing this screaming that I've never heard in my whole life," dog owner Jamie Sherman, told WDIV. "Every bit of strength I had, and the adrenaline rush, I pried the trap off his leg."

Once the dog, a shepherd mix named Spirit, was freed, Sherman saw more traps along the fence line within the perimeter of Beach Road Park.

Spirit is recovering after being taken to a veterinarian.

A neighbor who lives near a dog park had the traps placed after noticing foxes in the area. The man, who was not identified, told WDIV he was within his rights to put out the traps.

The traps have been removed. The Department of Natural Resources, Troy police and Oakland Animal Control are investigating.

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