Dog missing in blizzard for five days reunited with family

A dog was reunited with her family after she was lost during last week's blizzard and was missing for five days.

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Albert Silver, from Bryant Pond in Woodstock, posted about his missing 13-year-old dog Sophie on Facebook.

He said she went outside on Jan. 4 while the family was plowing and shoveling, and went missing.

His post was shared more than 2,400 times as the family spent days searching for her - calling animal control, notifying the town, and asking neighbors for help.

Finally, on Jan. 9, Silver gave an "exciting update."

"Yup it's a miracle," he wrote on Facebook. "Sophie has been found alive and well. She spent 5 days in extreme cold and winds and in the snow."

Silver said someone plowed a path to rescue her after seeing her head above the snow.

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Sophie lost 5 pounds while she was out, but Silver said a trip to the vet showed she was otherwise healthy.

Silver said Sophie will be "ridiculously spoiled for the rest of her days."

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