‘Don’t be like this guy’: Police photo shows drunken driver hanging from truck window

Credit: Cathedral City Police Department

Credit: Cathedral City Police Department

A California police department used the unfortunate experience of one drunken driver to warn people against drinking and driving over the New Year’s holiday.

Police officials in Cathedral City on Sunday shared a photo on their department's Facebook page that shows a man hanging, upside down, from the window of his truck.

"Have plans to hang out during New Year's Eve?" the post read. "Well we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. Don't be like the guy in this photo, who is literally 'hanging out.'"

The unidentified driver was involved in a hit-and-run crash earlier in the evening, the post read. After fleeing the scene, he pulled up to the keypad at what appears to be an apartment complex or other gated neighborhood, investigators said.

"As he leaned over, due to his intoxicated state, he fell out of the window, getting his foot caught in the steering wheel," the post read. "Due to the confined space (and) his inability to help himself, the Cathedral City Fire Department had to respond and cut the steering wheel to free him."

Police officials said the man was uninjured and able to laugh at himself for “being in that ‘position.’” He was ultimately jailed for DUI and hit-and-run, according to the Facebook post.

"Please be responsible during the extended holiday weekend and take care of one another. We want you around in 2019," the post read.

Many of the department’s followers found the incident funny.

“That is one hangover,” one woman wrote.

“I hate when that happens,” another chimed in.

Other commenters were impressed with the man’s truck.

“So that Dodge might be for sale soon,” one man wrote. Another asked if it would be at the department’s impound auction.

The photo was shared across the social media platform, including by the California Highway Patrol.

"Celebrate Responsibly!!" a Highway Patrol post read. "Don't be like this guy who was 'Hanging Out' and was found by @cathedral_city_police."

The post was shared more than 1,200 times from the agencies’ accounts.

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