Doors on transit train open on wrong side of car, passenger falls to tracks

A train passenger's Monday evening commute turned terrifying when the doors on the wrong side of the train opened and the person fell from the car.

It happened at 5:45 p.m. Monday at the Secaucus Junction station in New Jersey, state transit officials told WPIX.

The first news of the accident came from social media posts from other passengers.

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One user said "They opened the doors on the wrong side of the train. Someone fell onto the tracks. Thank god she wasn't hurt," according to WPIX.

WNBC reported the commuter was a man.

Another commuter said the conductors didn't know that the passenger had fallen out until passengers pulled the emergency brake, WPIX reported.

NJ Transit officials said the passenger had minor injuries but refused treatment, WNBC reported. Officials have launched an investigation. Right now, they're attributing the mistake to human error, WPIX reported.

There was a similar incident at New York's Penn Station where the wrong doors opened. The train was stopped at the station when that incident happened, according to WPIX.

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