NC family finds snake in oven while baking pizza

Credit: tdfugere /Pixabay

Credit: tdfugere /Pixabay

A North Carolina family’s pizza night was ruined by an uninvited guest—a snake.

The Helms told WRAL they did not notice the snake in the oven until smoke began to fill their kitchen. When Amber Helm opened the oven door, she discovered the charred snake at the bottom of the oven.

"There's nothing good about finding a smokey snake in your oven," Robert Helm told WRAL.

The Helms did not eat their pizza and went out to dinner instead, WRAL reported.

As for the oven, the Helms told WRAL it remains unused and in deep cleaning mode. The family plans on consulting with a wildlife expert to figure out how the snake made its way into their oven.

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