Fans at Weezer concert hoist woman in wheelchair on shoulders to watch the band

It was the perfect situation for a Weezer fan, and very uplifting.

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Some good Samaritans helped a woman in a wheelchair enjoy Saturday night's concert at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot, KFYR reported. A group of people lifted the woman and held the wheelchair on their shoulders so she could see the stage, the television station reported.

Kate Marthaler, who attended the show, shared the image in a Facebook post.

"This right here is what I’m living to be a part of. This right here is the example I’m trying to show my kids," Marthaler wrote. "This right here is what I’m working to surround myself with every day. People who want to hold up others when they need it so we can all keep living our best lives together.

"This is awesome."

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