Florida fisherman lands 330-pound grouper

Credit: Sergi Alexander

Credit: Sergi Alexander

A Florida fisherman reeled in the catch of a lifetime earlier this week, a 330-pound Warsaw grouper.

Brandon Lee Van Horn caught the grouper after about 25 minutes, the Panama City News Herald reported.

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"You have no idea how much that fish means to me. I will probably never catch another one that big ever again," Van Horn told the News Herald. "Definitely a fish of a lifetime."

He caught it at a depth of 375-feet in the Gulf of Mexico. The fish weighed 313 pounds after it was gutted.

“Most of the time, they break off or straighten out your hook,” Van Horn said. “Once you get to the last 150 feet, they get the bends, though, like a diver, and they just blow up full of air and float to the surface.”

The state record is a 436-pound fish caught in 1985 off Destin.

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