Florida man arrested for loitering in neighborhood says he was checking security systems for President Donald Trump

Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Lee County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man caught peeping into neighbor’s lanais told police he was under orders from President Donald Trump.

Residents in a Cape Coral neighborhood called police when they saw Scott Wideman lurking around lanais, WBBH reported.

Wideman told a homeowner who caught him in the act that he was “just enjoying the view,” according to a police report.

As Wideman quickly walked away, a police officer arrived. A nervous Wideman told investigators he was there “checking security system registrations under the orders of President Donald J. Trump.”

He also handed officers a piece of paper with “3721” written on it, but provided no further explanation.

Lee County Republican Committee Vice Chair Doris Cortese said Wideman has been kicked out of campaign offices in the past.

"He is not one of our volunteers, and he is definitely not a representative of President Trump," Cortese told WBBH. "He feels he is the only true Trump supporter in Lee County, and he has told us our office is fake Republicans."

Wideman was arrested and charged with loitering/prowling. He is in the Lee County Jail on $5,000 bail, according to arrest records.

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