Florida man says he was tricked when he plunked down $9,100 for $50 strip of land

A Florida man says he was deceived when he bought a tiny strip of land at an online county auction, thinking it was a $177,000 villa.

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Instead, first-time auction bidder Kerville Holness paid $9,100 for a parcel 1 foot wide by and 100 feet long valued at $50, the Sun-Sentinel reported. Holness is hoping the county will void the deal and return his money.

"It's deception," Holness told the Sun-Sentinel. "There was no demarcation to show you it's just a line going through (the villa duplex), even though they have the tools to show that."

However, the Broward County property appraiser website and county tax information indicate the parcel is 100 square feet and a foot wide and has no building value, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

State law does not allow them to make a refund to Holness, officials told the Sun-Sentinel.

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