Florida man seeks answers after finding his Chihuahua burned to death in ash pile

An Orlo Vista, Florida, man believes someone brutally tortured and killed his dog after finding it burned to death in an ash pile down the street from his home.

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The Chihuahua, Stink, never left the side of Rick Parmenter.

"She was so wonderful," Parmenter told WFTV. "Anyone who has been to a concert in the Orlando area knows Stink."

Rick's grandson found the dog's charred remains with her collar still on in an ash pile surrounded by beer cans and bottles behind a business.

The family posted missing signs and even offered a $200 reward after Stink escaped the family home Saturday morning.

Rick said he cannot imagine why someone would hurt such a little dog.

Animal crime investigators continue to search for clues and speak with those who live nearby while officials conduct a necropsy to learn how exactly Stink died.

"The findings on that will help, you know how forensics are these days," said Paramenter. "So we'll see what happens."

Although the family has its suspicions about who might have been involved with the dog's death, no one has been arrested for the crime.

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