Florida school evacuated after 'bong' misheard as 'bomb'

A Florida high school was evacuated Wednesday morning after what turned out to be a misheard word.

A family member of a student at Marianna High School called a staff member Wednesday afternoon to report that the student had inappropriate items in their backpack, according to a statement from the Jackson County School Board.

"The caller stated the student had a 'bong' in the book bag, however it was heard as 'bomb,'" the statement said.

A bong is a smoking instrument, while a bomb is a deadly weapon. The misunderstanding led to the school being evacuated.

"According to protocol, the school was evacuated using an emergency drill and the situation investigated," the statement said. "The investigation has determined the staff member mis-heard the word during the telephone conversation."

Neither media reports nor the statement from the school said whether the student was found to have a bong on them.

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