GhostFace killer from 'Scream' movies helping sell home in hilarious gimmick

The scary killer known as GhostFace from the movie franchise “Scream” is helping a real estate agent in Lansing, Michigan drum up interest in a listed house.

Pictures of the listing on the home-finder website Zillow show the masked villain popping up in various rooms of the house.

In one photo, he’s hiding behind a curtain and in another, he’s hidden in a closet.

Agent James Pyle told WXYZ-TV that he hoped the gimmick might appeal to prospective buyers, but he had no idea it would go over so well.

The post on Zillow has garnered more than a million views and helped him book private showings of the property.

He told the station he's trying to come up with a few more ideas to help sell his other properties.

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