Girl sent home from school over buzz cut

A third-grade girl in Fresno, California, has missed a week of school because her buzz cut reportedly violated her school’s policy.

KFSN reported on Monday that 8-year-old Layla Sysaknoi has worn designs in her hair for years. The dress code for Fresno Unified School District prohibits unusual razor cuts and mohawks. Layla attends Columbia Elementary School.

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"I've been told I either have to cut it all off or I have to wait until her hair grows back completely before she can attend school again," Layla's mother, Tara Sysaknoi, told KFSN. "Again, I don't think I should have to if that's how she wants her hair, if she wants to do that. It's not offensive, it's not gang-related.

“I thought it was ridiculous, I told her it shouldn't interfere with my child’s education and it’s not a distraction. It’s something she’s been doing since preschool.”

Sysaknoi told Yahoo Lifestyle on Thursday she got mixed messages from the school on the policy.

“The principal also said Layla’s hair was fine, but she had to check with the district about updating the dress code,” Sysaknoi said.

"I have directed our schools not to enforce the specific prohibition on razor cuts as long as there's no disruption to the educational environment or any danger to students," Fresno Unified School District Superintendent Bob Nelson told KFSN.

Layla has since been back in as of Wednesday. Her other told Yahoo Lifestyle she has not heard from the principal. The dress code is under review.

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