‘He’s got me’: Video shows shark biting fisherman aboard boat

A charter fisherman was bitten by a shark after it clamped down on his shin after pulling it aboard his boat Tuesday.

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"Agh ... he's got me, he's got me," Rick Caton can be heard shouting on a video of the incident.

He was able to remove the blacktip shark from his leg and got into a chair used for fishing to clean the wound. A nurse who had left for the day returned and bandaged the 7-inch-wide series of punctures, the Virginia Pilot reported.

Wednesday he was back on the water.

"I was pushing its head against the corner so it couldn't shake," Caton told the Virginia Pilot. "He had his mouth all around my leg, and that probably was good because he would have taken a big chunk out of me."

Blacktip sharks are endangered. A limited number of permits are available.

Caton and his crew put the catch on ice and eventually cleaned, cooked and ate it.

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