Grandma has place of honor at granddaughter's wedding as flower girl

A grandmother was in the spotlight at a recent wedding, and it was the request of the bride to have a special place for her grandmother.

Brenna Leman wanted her 83-year-old grandmother, who goes by the name "Grandma," to announce her arrival before the walk down the aisle as the wedding's flower girl during the April nuptials, ABC News reported.

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Leman admits she didn't come up with the idea totally on her own. As an intensive care unit nurse, she was taking care of a patient who told the bride she was a flower girl in her own granddaughter's wedding, Leman recounted for ABC News.

Grandma was decked out a maroon dress and proper pearls, and she did her job perfectly, throwing flower petals in the air for her granddaughter. When guests saw Grandma, they smiled and cheered. Grandma was also emotional.

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"She got a little teary-eyed ... she said she wanted to make sure that she did everything OK for my day," Leman told "Good Morning America".

Grandma actually researched the job to make sure she was doing it right and so as to not disappoint her granddaughter.

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