Group drinks wine from Pringles cans in Walmart parking lot in honor of woman banned for doing so

After a Wichita Falls woman was banned from Walmart for riding around in an electric cart drinking wine from a Pringles can, some Austin residents decided to celebrate her actions by drinking wine out of a Pringles can in a Walmart parking lot.

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More than 10,000 people indicated an interest and 2,000 said they would attend the “Drinking wine from a Pringles can in Walmart parking lot” event Wednesday.

"We're gonna meet in the parking lot of this Walmart and drink wine or whatever you like from a Pringles can," the event description reads. "You wanna ride an electric scooter while you drink from a Pringles can? That's cool. You wanna sit on the tailgate of your Ford F-150? That's fine too."

However, only three people turned out, KVUE reported.

Police were aware of the event but did not intervene. Police said an open container violation is a misdemeanor and comes with a $200 fine.

No one was fined.

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