House demolition lends itself to spider joke, goes viral on social media

A house demolition in South Dakota turned into a joke that has been making the rounds on social media.

Jeff Hopkins and his girlfriend Dawn Cronk decided to demolish a second home they owned in Renner to make room so their grandchildren had a place to play outside, the Argus Leader reported.

As a joke, Hopkins bought a can of spray paint at their local Walmart and their 69-cent investment to make themselves laugh quickly went viral.

Hopkins painted "Got the Spider!" on the wrecked house's roof. Drivers slowed down to catch a glimpse and to have a laugh.

"I didn't think anybody would really notice," Hopkins told the Argus Leader. "We did it just to make us laugh."

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"It made somebody smile for a day," Cronk told the newspaper. "It made somebody stop and giggle for a few minutes and remember that life doesn't always have to be a hustle and bustle. To me, it's a blessing because we made somebody smile and laugh about it."

It also had a side benefit. "It made people laugh for a second and made them slow down to the speed limit," Hopkins told the Argus Leader.

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