Icicle dagger falls from skyway causing gaping wound in 10-year-old boy’s head

A 10-year-old Minnesota boy was hospitalized Sunday after an icicle fell from a building skyway in Minneapolis striking him in the head.

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The icicle impact caused a gaping wound in Ayden Schuler's head that took seven staples and sutures to close, according to KARE-TV.

The boy and his family were celebrating his mother’s birthday at the City Center and were just leaving the building when the icicle fell and injured the boy.

"That's when that thing came up and smashed my head," the child told KARE.

“Dad took one of his shirts off and held it against my head to stop the bleeding,” he said. “And I asked him if I was going to die.” He didn’t.

Emergency responders were called and rushed him to a local hospital where he needed an overnight stay to recover.

"You think of icicles as these cute little dangly things off the top of your roof ... you don't think of them as the daggers that they can be," the boy's father, Lucas Schuler, told the news station.

Luckily Ayden Shuler was back home in South St. Paul by Monday and his parents were relieved his injuries weren’t more serious.

In the meantime, the City Center building has taped off the sidewalk under the skyway to prevent more accidents from falling icicles.

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