Iowa sisters go into labor at same hospital, give birth 10 minutes apart

Credit: Raw Pixel/Pixabay

Credit: Raw Pixel/Pixabay

A pregnant Iowa woman went to the hospital to lend support to her sister, who was preparing to give birth. She did not expect to give birth the same day -- and 10 minutes apart from her sibling.

That is what happened Sunday at a Des Moines hospital, KCCI reported.

Julia Marberry went into labor, and her sister, Laurielle Jones was there to support her sister during childbirth. Then Jones’ water broke.

At first, Marberry was too concerned with her own labor to worry about her surroundings.

"My sister's like, 'Just breathe. Just breathe,' and she left, and she called my mom, crying," Marberry told KCCI. "I'm in pain, dying, and I hear my mom (say), 'Her water just broke. Your sister's water just broke.'

“It’s like, ‘Oh my God! I want to be excited, but the pain is too much for me to be excited.’ So, I’m still trying to think about pushing my baby out.”

Jones’ labor was quicker than her sister experienced, giving birth to JaFaye 10 minutes before Marberry gave birth to Khepri, the television station reported.

"(JaFaye) was coming, so I couldn't stop it any longer," Jones told KCCI. "I actually beat (Marberry)."

The babies had different due dates, and both arrived early, the television station reported.

Jones said JaFaye was born the day her older daughter turned 1.

"They'll be close," Jones told KCCI. "They all have the same birthday, so I can just say it wasn't planned but she had plans of her own."

“Three’s the magical number,” Marberry said.

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