JPMorgan Chase pledges to hire people with criminal records

Banking company JPMorgan Chase is looking to hire people you'd think would be the first to have their resumes tossed out -- people who have been convicted but served their time.

While unemployment numbers are down overall, the same can't be said for people with convictions on their records, CNN reported.

JPMorgan Chase has begun hiring people who have records for entry-level jobs. The jobs include transaction processing and account servicing, according to CNN.

The move could keep former convicts from repeating the cycle of freedom and jail.

But all crimes are not exempt. JPMorgan officials said they are not changing their standards. For example, if an applicant robbed a bank, they won't be considered for a job at the banking company, CNN reported.

But a person with a crime that could be eligible for pardon or could be wiped from a record may be considered.

The company will be working with community organizations to help people clean up their records and is investing billions of dollars in cities like Chicago, Detroit and Nashville to do so, CNN reported.

Last year the company hired about 2,000 people who had been convicted of low-level crimes like disorderly conduct, personal drug possession and driving under the influence, CBS News reported.

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