Kansas City Zoo welcomes red panda triplets

The Kansas City Zoo has three new bouncing bundles of joy -- three red panda cubs

Zoo officials made the big announcement this week, but the red panda babies were born on July 11, KDAF reported.

The triplets’ parents are first-timers Kate and Randy.

Animal experts said it is rare that they had triplets.

Kate's been taking care of her babies but has had a little help from their human caretakers too.

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"The smallest of the three cubs has been receiving supplemental feeds from zookeepers to ensure that it gains weight at a healthy rate," zoo officials said, according to KSHB.

They're still small right now and fit in a person's hands, but will eventually be the size of a house cat, and will get their reddish-brown and white fur when they're about 50 days old, KSHB reported.

The furry siblings are mostly not on public view, except for on a video monitor, and will stay that way for about three months. They still don't have names and zookeepers don't know if they're males or females, WDAF reported.

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