Kindhearted guys make homeless man’s night, giving him extra ticket to baseball game

An act of kindness extended by three young men has gotten a lot of attention on social media since then.

Sean Wetzonis says it all started when he, Pedro and two other friends from Malden planned to attend the game.

But one friend backed out, leaving Pedro with an extra ticket.

"And Pedro's father had suggested, he was like, 'find a girl. Find a girl to take to the game,'" Sean Wetzonis told Boston 25 News.

But he said Pedro had another idea.

"He said, 'you know, I'll give it to a homeless person. If I could find a homeless person," Wetzonis said.

Finding a homeless person in Boston is not difficult. Enter John, who was sitting on a stoop near Fenway Park.

"When Pedro asked him if he wanted to go to a Red Sox game, at first I wasn't sure if he was going to get up, but then he said sure and he got up and he seemed pretty excited about it," Wetzonis said.

He admits he was skeptical about taking a homeless guy to the game.

"I was kind of shocked. Everyone was like, 'dude. You got another ticket. You could try and sell it to make some money back.," Wetzonis said.

But then he saw something you don't see enough of these days at professional sporting events: a fan actually watching the game.

"Everyone's there sitting on their phones, texting and looking around. He was really immersed in the game. He was there to enjoy the game," Wetzonis said.

The Red Sox lost Tuesday night. But for three young men from Malden, it was, perhaps, the winningest night at Fenway ever.

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