Lobster found with Pepsi logo imprinted on its claw

A fisherwoman off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada made a confounding discovery.

Karissa Lindstrand was banding lobster claws on the fishing vessel on which she works when an unusual sight on a lobster's claw caught her eye. She noticed part of the Pepsi logo imprinted on the claw.

Lindstrand is a big Pepsi fan and told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation she drinks up to 12 cans a day, so she knew exactly what the image on the claw was.

"I can't say how he got it on," Lindstrand said. "It seemed more like a tattoo or a drawing on the lobster rather than something growing into it."

No one can say for sure how the image ended up on the lobster claw, but Lindstrand told the CBC she and her co-workers discussed it quite a bit and came up with a few theories.

"They believe that maybe there was a can in the bottom of the ocean and when (the lobster) the lobster] was growing, it grew around the can," she said.

Or maybe the logo was imprinted on the claw over a period of time after th elobster became entangled in a Pepsi carton.

Either way, Linstrand, who's been lobster fishing off New Brunswick for the past four years, said she's never seen this before, and scientists have said they can't explain it.

But one thing is for sure -- the oceans are heavily polluted with human-genrated garbage and tons of plastic, which is inevitably affecting marine life and the ocean ecosystems.

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