Man is brutally beaten on street corner after woman spits on him, video shows

A man is recovering after being beaten Saturday on a busy street corner.

Ismail Godinj, 25, is seen in surveillance video from a nearby deli crossing a street when he is spit upon by a woman on the corner, WCBS reported.

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Godinj looks to the ground, then says something to the woman before two men push him to the ground and start punching him repeatedly in the face.

“It is terrible for us,” his brother Markeljan Godinj told WCBS.

Godinj was taken to a hospital where he is recovering from a broken jaw and is unable to speak, WCBS reported.

He is not likely to be able to keep working at the carpet cleaning company where he has worked the last three years.

His parents, who live in Albania, are trying to come to America as Godinj recovers.

Police are searching for the suspects.

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