Man robs store with ice cream scoop, police say

Credit: aschaeffer/Freeimages

Credit: aschaeffer/Freeimages

Police say a shop clerk thought he was being held with a gun shoved in his back, but in reality it was only an ice cream scoop.

Police say a man walked into a store in Plainview, Texas, Friday and tried to rob the store, KCBD reported.

The clerk said the man poked a blunt object into his back. But instead of a gun as the clerk thought, it was an ice cream scoop.

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Police are considering it an aggravated robbery because the clerk thought his life was being threatened.

This isn't the only time a robber used an odd item as a potential weapon. In 2012, someone held up a store in Plainview with a sock used to cover his hand, KCBD reported.

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