NCAA National Championship game 2019: What time, what channel, how to watch

We’ve finally made it through March Madness, watching as 66 teams fell by the wayside, leaving two teams to duke it out for the national championship.

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On Monday night, defensive powerhouses Texas Tech and the University of Virginia will face each other in the title game. It’s the first NCAA men’s championship game for both teams.

Here’s a look at  what time, what channel and how to watch the game.

The National Championship game

Who is playing: The University of Virginia wil be playing  Texas Tech University.

Where are they playing: The game is being played in Minneapolis.

What time is the game: Monday at 9:20 p.m. ET.

What channel is the game on: The game will be broadcast on CBS.

Livestream: You can stream the game live on fuboTV with a free seven-day trial. Or, you can stream it on March Madness Live.

Tournament results

The Final Four

Auburn vs. Virginia – (winner: Virginia, 63-62)

Texas Tech. vs. Michigan State – (winner: Texas Tech, 61-51)

The Elite Eight round

Auburn vs. Kentucky – (winner: Auburn, 77-71)

Michigan State vs. Duke – (Winner: Michigan State, 68-67)

Texas Tech vs. Gonzaga – (Winner: Texas Tech, 75-69)

Purdue vs. Virginia – (Winner: Virginia, 80-75)

The Sweet 16 round 

Florida State vs. Gonzaga – (winner: Gonzaga, 72-58)

Purdue vs. Tennessee – (winner: Purdue, 99-94)

Texas Tech vs. Michigan – (winner: Texas Tech, 63-44)

Oregon vs Virginia – (winner: Virginia, 53-49)

LSU vs. Michigan State – (winner: Michigan State, 80-63)

Auburn vs. North Carolina – (winner: Auburn, 97-80)

Virginia Tech. vs. Duke – (winner: Duke, 75-73)

Houston vs. Kentucky – (winner: Kentucky, 62-58)

Second Round 

Maryland vs. LSU – (winner: LSU, 69-67)

Wofford vs. Kentucky – (winner: Kentucky, 62-56)

Florida vs. Michigan – (winner: Michigan, 64-49)

Murray State vs. Florida State – (winner: Florida State, 90-62)

Baylor vs. Gonzaga – (winner: Gonzaga, 83-71)

Minnesota vs. Michigan State – (winner: Michigan State, 70-50)

Villanova vs. Purdue – (winner: Purdue, 87-61)

Auburn vs. Kansas – (winner: Auburn, 89-75)

Iowa vs. Tennessee - (winner: Tennessee, 83-77)

Washington vs. North Carolina - (winner: North Carolina, 81-59)

UCF vs. Duke - (winner: Duke, 77-76)

Buffalo vs. Texas Tech - (winner: Texas Tech, 78-58)

Liberty vs. Virginia Tech - (winner Virginia Tech, 67-58)

Virginia vs. Oklahoma - Virginia, 63-51)

Houston vs. Ohio State - (winner: Houston, 74-59)

UC Irvine vs. Oregon - (winner: Oregon, 73-54)

First Round 

Maryland vs. Belmont - (winner: Maryland, 79-Belmont 77)

LSU vs. Yale – (winner: LSU, 79-74)

Louisville vs. Minnesota – (winner: Minnesota, 86-76)

Michigan State vs. Bradley – (winner: Michigan State, 76-65)

Villanova vs. St. Mary’s – (winner: Villanova, 61-57)

Purdue vs. Old Dominion – (winner: Purdue, 61-48)

Auburn vs. New Mexico State – (winner: Auburn, 78-77)

Kansas vs. Northeastern – (winner: Kansas, 87-53)

Wofford vs. Seton Hall – (winner: Wofford, 84-68)

Kentucky vs. Abilene Christian – (winner: Kentucky, 79-44)

Gonzaga vs. Farleigh Dickinson – (winner: Gonzaga, 87-49)

Syracuse vs. Baylor – (winner: Baylor, 78-69)

Marquette vs. Murray State – (winner: Murray State, 83-64)

Florida State vs. Vermont – (winner: Florida State, 76-69)

Nevada vs. Florida – (winner: Florida, 70-61)

Michigan vs. Montana – (winner: Michigan, 74-55)

Cincinnati vs. Iowa – (winner: Iowa, 79-72)

Ole Miss vs. Oklahoma – (winner: Oklahoma, 95-72)

Texas Tech vs. Northern Kentucky – (winner: Texas Tech, 72-57)

Kansas State vs. UC Irvine – (winner: UC Irvine, 70-64)

Tennessee vs. Colgate – (winner: Tennessee, 77-70)

Virginia vs. Gardner Webb – (winner: Virginia, 71-56)

Buffalo vs. Arizona State – (winner: Buffalo, 91-74)

Wisconsin vs. Oregon – (winner: Oregon, 72-54)

Utah State vs. Washington – (winner: Washington, 78-61)

Duke vs. North Dakota State game – (winner: Duke, 85-62)

Houston vs. Georgia State – (winner: Houston, 84-55)

Mississippi State vs. Liberty – (winner: Liberty, 80-76)

North Carolina vs. Iona – (winner: North Carolina, 88-73)

VCU vs. UCF – (winner: UCF, 73-58)

Iowa State vs. Ohio State – (winner: Ohio State, 62-59)

Virginia Tech vs. St. Louis – (winner: Virginia Tech, 66-52)

First Four 

Prairie View A&M vs. Fairleigh Dickinson (winner: Fairleigh Dickinson, 82-76)

Temple vs. Belmont – (winner: Belmont, 81-70)

NC Central vs North Dakota State – (winner: North Dakota State, 78-74)

St. John’s vs. Arizona State – (winner: Arizona State, 74-65)

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