Memorial for Florida man fatally shot in June riddled with bullets, family says

A Florida family grieving the death of a man fatally shot in June was distressed to see is memorial riddled with bullets.

Lisa Reyes and her husband placed the memorial at the site in Fort Pierce where their son, Martin Jaime Reyes, 31, also known as "Chico," was killed June 2, TCPalm reported.

The large, white cross with a heart in the center had bullet marks through it, Lisa Reyes told the website.

"My husband believes because he died at the scene … that even though his body is where it is in the cemetery, he believes that his spirit is there because that's where he took his last breath," Lisa Reyes told TCPalm. "Just have some respect. It's not hurting anybody, it can't touch you, it can't talk to you, and it's not there to try to intimidate anybody or anything else."

Two other people were shot in the June incident. Fort Pierce police said, with Calletano Molina, 41, dying of his wounds. Police said an investigation is ongoing.

Lisa Reyes said she reported the apparent gunfire damage to police Sept. 20, TCPalm reported.

“It (memorial) is there for the family, the sole purpose is to make us feel better,” Lisa Reyes said. “It’s for us to be able to talk with him.

“What if one of those bullets went astray?” she said. “If it’s kids that are bored that’s doing this, please stop, it’s ridiculous.”

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