Michigan mom calls police when son won't get out of bed

When a mother in Michigan couldn't get her teenage son to wake up for school one morning, she called for backup -- from the police.

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Zachary Towns, a 14-year-old eighth-grader in Grand Blanc Township, admitted to WEYI-TV that he can be lazy and he likes to sleep in. On Thursday morning, the teen was struggling to get out of bed and blamed his sister for not waking him up sooner. This agitated his mother, Crystal Towns.

“I woke him up. He thought he was just going to not go and I said, ‘Nope you’re learning today, boy,'” Towns said.

Towns said she didn’t have time for Zachary to miss the bus. The busy mom had previously threatened to call the school resource officer to come and get her son if he didn't stir in the morning. On Thursday, Towns decided to follow through on that threat and called the officer to come get her son.

Zachary said he wasn't surprised when the school resource officer from the Gran Blanc Township Police Department showed up at the door. He got a ride to school in the back of a squad car.

The teen seems to have learned a lesson from the incident.

“I don't think I should have pushed my mom’s limits because that's the 100th time I've done it this year,” Zachary said.

Towns told the news station her son is a good kid, but said she'd "do it all over again" if she had to.

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