Missing monkey returned to Florida zoo

Credit: Palm Beach Zoo via AP

Credit: Palm Beach Zoo via AP

The case of the missing monkey has been partially solved.

Kali, a 12-year-old Goeldi’s monkey, was returned to the Palm Beach Zoo by detectives just before midnight Tuesday.

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She appears to be unharmed. She does suffer from inflammation, but is in good health, zoo officials told WPTV in a press release.

She is being watched by the zoo's animal care team who hope to reunite her with her mate, Quito, soon, WPTV reported.

Zoo officials said that on Monday, someone forced their way into the habitat, cutting the mesh on the  enclosure where Kali lives. Surveillance video showed someone approaching the area, WPBF reported.

Zoo officials told WPBF they believe she was taken for her resale value on the black market.

Police did not say where Kali was found, The Palm Beach Post reported.

There had been a $6,000 reward for information leading to her return, the newspaper reported.

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