Mother wants answers after she says stranger brought home kids kicked off bus

A local mother is furious after she says a bus driver told three first graders to get off the bus and a stranger took them home.

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Johneisha Waller told WSB-TV's Tyisha Fernandes that the 6-year-olds were frightened, which is why they got into the stranger's car.

“I just thank God that she came home safely,” Waller said.

When little Jamyla Waller was two hours late getting home from Fairington Elementary School about three weeks ago, she told her mother the bus driver had kicked her off the bus, and she had to walk home with some other first graders.

“I mean, on a scale from 1 to 10, I am at a 10 right now and more angry because no one is really trying to do anything about it,” Waller said.

This mother went to the school for answers, and then she went to the school transportation department.

“The supervisor of transportation told me that it was the bus driver’s responsibility if she was going to put her off the bus, to make sure she was back in the hands of one of the administrators in the school and that didn’t happen,” Waller said.

School district officials told Fernandes at least three students were being disruptive on the bus and the driver kicked them off the bus at school.

But parents say the driver kicked them off the bus near school, with no adults around and the 6-year-olds didn’t know what to do, so they started walking.

“Not only did she just walk, she was also picked up by a stranger. It was a lady, and thank God she didn’t do anything to her. But that’s what, one out of a million? It could have turned out so different,” Waller said.

That mother wants to say thank you to that good Samaritan who brought her daughter home safely.

As far as the bus driver, Fernandes said it doesn't look like the school district is going to discipline her.

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