New iPhone XS set to be unveiled in September

Credit: Kiichiro Sato

Credit: Kiichiro Sato

For those of you who are tired of your year-old Apple X, help is on the way.

Apple is set to unveil the latest iPhone model – probably to be called the iPhone Xs – next month at an event in California.

The company will be unveiling the new phones on Sept. 12, according to several media reports. In addition to the new iPhone models, Apple is set to announce upgrades to the Mac, the Apple Watch and the iPad, the reports say.

While the company invited the media to the event, it did not specify what would be revealed there.

The new models will include a change introduced with the iPhone X, according to a story from Bloomberg. None of the new models will have a home button. It was a change some iPhone fans did not care for.

According to Bloomberg, there will be three models – a larger premium version; a larger, less expensive version that comes in different colors; and a “refresh” of the original iPhone.

All of the new versions will all have facial recognition and edge-to-edge screens,  according to 9to5Mac. The two premium models will have OLED screens. The less expensive model will have an LCD screen.

OLED, or organic light emitting diodes, is able to achieve absolute blacks for backgrounds which makes for a less dizzying viewing experience. The models with OLED will be 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches.

9to5Mac also reported that the phones will come in a new gold color option.

No word yet on when you can get the new phones. In the past, the new phones have been available for pre-order soon after the announcement, and the phones show up for sale about a week later.

No word yet, either, on the price of the phones.

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